North Shore Old Car Club
    NSOCC is the Oldest and Largest Independent Antique Auto Club in New England


Please note that the North Shore Old Car Club does not have antique automobiles available for hire or rent. Most, if not all, of our vehicles are registered under the “Antique” or “Year of Manufacture” provision of the Massachusetts RMV regulations. The RMV mandates that motor vehicles registered in this fashion can only be used in exhibitions, club activities, parades and other functions of public interest and cannot be used for the transportation of passengers or goods. Secondly, and probably most important, is insurance coverage. The vast majority of antique vehicle owners have restrictive specialty insurance policies on their vehicles. This type of insurance comes with a strict prohibition on renting or hiring the vehicle out for special events. In Massachusetts there is no liability insurance available on a “per event” basis to cover hire / rental use. The only alternative is to register and insure the vehicle for “Livery” Service. Since the cost of doing this is substantial, only those in the limousine business choose to go this route.

We do try to accommodate requests for public displays of our antiques vehicles at shows, fairs, festivals, and parades. We generally have a busy schedule, so we ask that you contact us as early in the year as possible to schedule your event. Our tour schedule is usually established in early January.
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