North Shore Old Car Club
    NSOCC is the Oldest and Largest Independent Antique Auto Club in New England

Welcome to NSOCC

NSOCC is the largest and oldest independent antique auto club in New England.   Throughout the year we have 30+ events running from February through December giving members plenty of options to participate in various activities.

The goal of NSOCC is to provide a forum for folks who enjoy Antique and Classic Cars.  Whether you enjoy the historical aspect of older cars or the technical workings of our great classics then NSOCC is for you. 

With well over 250 members and a variety of meets you are bound to enjoy spending quality time with great people that share the same passion for classic and antique cars as you do.  The NSOCC Membership has cars that range from the early 1900s though the 1980s (Qualifying cars must be at least 25 years old).   In 2012,  NSOCC has adjusted our rules for qualification.  In the past, the guidelines inferred that modified cars did not qualify for NSOCC.  Modifications such as adding disk brakes, seat belts,  fuel injection, 3rd brake lights and many more are no longer limiting factors for joining NSOCC. 

If we haven't convinced you to join yet,  how about taking a look at our calendar, and submitting a request on the Contact Us form to join our current members at an upcoming meet to see if NSOCC is the club for you. 



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